Connecting Content

I use many online social network tools to bring related content together. One of my goals is to move as close to Write Once Publish Everywhere (WOPE) as possible. It requires understanding understanding how to establish and work with an interconnected environment.

Another thing I should mention is a requirement to be a real person, truly connecting with the content being posted. Show up at events, listen for what is said and felt, open up communications so voices can be heard.

Aggregating Content


Rebel Mouse

Provides an easy template for aggregating content from a number of sources, plus being able to spin off additional Rebel Mouse pages based on connected social network accounts and the content shared through tagging / categories.

Social Network Accounts

Tsu is a social network that will pay you for original content posted with a portion of their revenues. It connects with other social networks at present and will post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for you with authorization. You need an invitation from an existing user to join –


find_us_on_facebook_badge Fuzzytek’s presence on the Facebook is broad and sweeping through Detroit’s communities. As stated above it is important to show up in person so the interests of community are represented.

  • Personal profiles Fuzzytek1 (5,000 full) | Fuzzytek2 (growing selectively)
  • Administrator for over 100 pages and groups. Assisting these to define and engage their audience and the content published through them.


Sometimes a simple site with an existing network for following is exactly what is needed, tumblr fits that need. An advantage in satisfying WOPE – when using WordPress the Jetpack plugin’s Publicize can push posts to a selected Tumblr presence.

Additional Accounts and Tools

Twitter – @fuzzytek,