Business website to display the services Fuzzytek offers, which include:

Website Information

Platform: WordPress.org – self-hosted WordPress
Theme: TwentyFourteen

Plug-in & Service options

  • Akismet – If you are plagued by spam comments this is how to thwart the assault. You can require comments to pass criteria and a review process before being post on the site.
  • bbPress – Installed here for testing on sites interested in forum support. Forum posts are into Topics with Replies. This opens up additional user permissions. Offers an RSS feed specific to forum content, refer to the link in the footer on this site.
  • Disqus Conditional Load – Networked comment management system [ Disqus ]. This allows those commenting to manage their comments across many websites, and to share those comments on social networks.
  • Events Manager – When you host events this is a nice tool for bringing a contained calendar together. The RSS feed is independent of the Entries Feed (check this site’s footer).
  • Feed WordPress – Syndication plugin to pull RSS/Atom feed content from source sites automatically. Has the option to pull as draft posts waiting for review. Author and Post linkage can be configured.
  • Footnotes – Opens up use of reference footnotes on posts – these can be configured to show up in a sidebar, top or bottom of a post.
  • Jetpack – Utilizing many of the settings for this “native” plugin for WordPress. It is a grand bundling of plugin features. One crucial feature is the Single Login service – it establishes a bridge bringing WordPress.org (self-hosted) and WordPress.com hosted sites together in one interface. The key is having a central WordPress.com login. This allows better statistical tracking and a sharing of content between sites.
  • Lightweight Social Icons – Widget providing a set of graphic links to common social network sites.
  • Portfolio projects & Testimonials – enabled custom content types through Jetpack, check the administrative option under Settings, Writing. Goes beyond posts and pages. This site and content that you are currently looking at are a good example of a portfolio entry on the site. Note there is no RSS feed for this content type which exists similar to pages.
  • Simple Links – along the way WordPress.org stopped offering native “blogroll” linkage. This plugin brings that service back. You can offer links out to other sites and categorize the links for use as a widget on sidebar.
  • Terms to Links – If you were looking for a way to provide linkage from one post to another based on a common tag, this is the key. When you write an existing tag in a post it automatically becomes a link to other posts that have the tag.
  • TinyMCE Advanced – Brings a lot more functionality into the editor. Cool feature – you can export the settings from one site to another so your editing toolbars are similar between sites.
  • W3 Total Cache – This plugin seems to be automatically delivered on my hosted wordpress sites. Caching is the key to achieving quick loading content when that content doesn’t change too much. Most sites post static content that isn’t interactive, therefore a very commonly helpful plugin. Supports CDN (Content Delivery Network) for faster server loading in the cloud. It pushes a specific CDN, but you can wiggle through some dialogues to select AWS or others.
    NOTE: If your site theme changes, reorganize the menu, or move content around you’ll want to purge the cached content along the way. You might be familiar with purging your browser’s cached content – what this plugin does is create server side caching of content.

Note: This site may have additional plugins installed as they are being tested for roll-out on other websites.