Occupy Detroit


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The Occupy movement in Detroit officially started October 14, 2011. As of this writing in 2014 our local movement has had notable persons pass away, we’ve gained recognition and acceptance by many, and some are still curious about getting involved. I would say there are no longer organized “Occupy Detroit” meetings, however the guiding spirit remains through our social network presence and through personal dialog. The small treasury the group tried to maintain has gone through many divisions into communities coming forward for assistance. Skeletal funds may remain and even these are merely vaporous.

Granted some of those who grew through seeding the movement have walked away from being associated. They contributed and may not see further growth through the movement. That is their position. My position is to continue the stay of course and honor our elders, ancestors, and communities as we seek guidance.


A preliminary public gathering on October 10 at Spirit of Hope Church flooded the pews and aisles to capacity. Likely 1200 or more attending. Those leading the event chose to accommodate the people by moving outside and making announcements from atop playground equipment next to the church.

Plans for public action were made for Friday, October 14 to march from the Spirit of Detroit to Grand Circus Park. Speakers from many organizations came forward that first evening. Some in the group came prepared to camp – which was setup on the western side of the park, with the monument to

Occupy Detroit Encampment