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Pulled from "40 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life"

Pulled from “40 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life”

I’ve added a widget on the sidebar of he site showing a random quote from a collection that I’m building.

On this page you’ll see those “quotes” or poems of my own (those with Stephen Boyle as the author). These are original content, some inspired and a blog post regarding those inspired will be offered.

Between here and there,
I discover neither here or there.

It is nowhere?
More importantly it is “Now Here”.

The journey is not complete
Without knowing where you set your feet.

Awareness ever blooming
Consciousness ever zooming.

The ah-ha moment not lost
Shared experiences not tossed.

It is all interconnected
Society recognizing and disconnected.

— Stephen Boyle

Let us not wait until the sunset of living to be about changing.

— Stephen Boyle

The youth of America are smarter than many give them credit. Many do not waste time with mainstream news. They are educating their friends on where to find the news they desire. I have hope in our youth, but two generations of recent adults have been assimilated by pop culture and embroiled in creating divide in the public interests. We have generations of trolls pushing messages they will never be rewarded for delivering.


It looks like I forgot about posts made using the wordpress quote format.  Those are another content sidebar widget immediately below the Quotes Collection widget and above the GoodReads quotes widget. 

One  of the aims of this site is to give potential clients a look at what is possible using WordPress. So if it seems like overdoing something – there is an intent to demonstrate results from each solution possible.

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