Detroit Coalition Against Tar Sands

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DCATS was established in 2012 as several Occupy Detroit members saw the impacts of Tar Sands processing impacting Detroit. The Marathon Refinery is connected to Enbridge’s Line 6B pipeline that runs from Indiana through southern Michigan’s cropland on its way to cross the St Claire River and continue into Ontario.


2012 Project map for Line 6B from Enbridge

The Detroit connection for Marathon stems from the terminal at Ortonville, Michigan as shown in the map above. MICATS, the Michigan Coalition Against Tar Sands was formed nearly at the same time as DCATS as the group saw the impact across Michigan.

Enbridge's response times map

Enbridge’s response times map

We also became concerned with Line 5, which crosses the Straits of Mackinaw, about 30 miles from the bridge between upper and lower peninsulas. A rupture in that 60 year old set of pipes beneath the water would contaminate the largest bodies of fresh water in the world very quickly. 1)Oil Rupture in Line 5 Pipeline in Mackinac Straits Would Be A Mammoth Mess, Circle of Blue

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I use many online social network tools to bring related content together. One of my goals is to move as close to Write Once Publish Everywhere (WOPE) as possible. It requires understanding understanding how to establish and work with an interconnected environment.

Another thing I should mention is a requirement to be a real person, truly connecting with the content being posted. Show up at events, listen for what is said and felt, open up communications so voices can be heard.

Aggregating Content


Rebel Mouse

Provides an easy template for aggregating content from a number of sources, plus being able to spin off additional Rebel Mouse pages based on connected social network accounts and the content shared through tagging / categories.

Social Network Accounts

Tsu is a social network that will pay you for original content posted with a portion of their revenues. It connects with other social networks at present and will post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for you with authorization. You need an invitation from an existing user to join –


find_us_on_facebook_badge Fuzzytek’s presence on the Facebook is broad and sweeping through Detroit’s communities. As stated above it is important to show up in person so the interests of community are represented.

  • Personal profiles Fuzzytek1 (5,000 full) | Fuzzytek2 (growing selectively)
  • Administrator for over 100 pages and groups. Assisting these to define and engage their audience and the content published through them.


Sometimes a simple site with an existing network for following is exactly what is needed, tumblr fits that need. An advantage in satisfying WOPE – when using WordPress the Jetpack plugin’s Publicize can push posts to a selected Tumblr presence.

Additional Accounts and Tools

Twitter – @fuzzytek,

Cities Of Peace Detroit

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A non-profit organization involved in community building and education on consciousness principals.

Social presence built for these events / courses


International Day of Peace annually on Sept 21.

  • 2014 – an evening gathering on Belle Isle.
  • 2015 – Sustainability Summit planned for September 10-13.


The Peace Ambassador Training course through the Shift Network is being brought as foundational learning for peace building with activists and leaders in the greater Detroit community. Teleconference course runs 16 weeks on Wednesdays starting January 14 at 8pm. Communal education is also offering focused training with the Detroit community members participating.


Women Creating Caring Communities WCCC Workshop Series with facilitation from Cities of Peace Detroit. Monthly forums to be held on the last Saturday starting April 25 from 10:00-12:30pm.


Mostly designed by the client, implemented by Fuzzytek.

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Occupy Detroit


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The Occupy movement in Detroit officially started October 14, 2011. As of this writing in 2014 our local movement has had notable persons pass away, we’ve gained recognition and acceptance by many, and some are still curious about getting involved. I would say there are no longer organized “Occupy Detroit” meetings, however the guiding spirit remains through our social network presence and through personal dialog. The small treasury the group tried to maintain has gone through many divisions into communities coming forward for assistance. Skeletal funds may remain and even these are merely vaporous.

Granted some of those who grew through seeding the movement have walked away from being associated. They contributed and may not see further growth through the movement. That is their position. My position is to continue the stay of course and honor our elders, ancestors, and communities as we seek guidance.


A preliminary public gathering on October 10 at Spirit of Hope Church flooded the pews and aisles to capacity. Likely 1200 or more attending. Those leading the event chose to accommodate the people by moving outside and making announcements from atop playground equipment next to the church.

Plans for public action were made for Friday, October 14 to march from the Spirit of Detroit to Grand Circus Park. Speakers from many organizations came forward that first evening. Some in the group came prepared to camp – which was setup on the western side of the park, with the monument to

Occupy Detroit Encampment

Business website to display the services Fuzzytek offers, which include:

  • Website development
  • Photography
  • Graphics / logos / social platform & advertising specific sizes – also print format graphics
  • Community organizing and development assistance

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