Image Tells Who’s Story?

Ask yourself… are you adding labels to this image?

If you honestly reply that you do, then what do you believe the motivating factors are? They say a picture tells a story… then who’s story is it? It would seem that it is the viewer’s story created by their perspectives on the world. There’s nothing wrong in the image itself, merely how we judge it to be.

Strive to be conscious of your thoughts and beliefs, live from your heart and be with the world at large.  

Stephen Boyle

There’s a lot of love around us, take it all in… even that jealous, spiteful love. Few people would consider jealousy or spitefulness as acts of love, what it takes is unraveling the fullness of communication. In part that does require how we perceive jealousy or spitefulness. Sure there are times it actually exists… but have you thought why it exists? Maybe envy shows up, or the person really wants and is begging for attention. You might have even offered attention to them, but it wasn’t what THEY were desiring. Granted we can’t live our lives always through the perspective of others, after all it is OUR OWN life. However the quality of life improves when surrounded by love that contributes to the betterment of everyone. 

So if you’re faced with jealousy or spitefulness it might be dissolved with a little attention. The person might just want to say they admire or envy your confidence or grace. What better way to contribute than to be exactly what they believe exists AND include them in it. Creating a team of confident and graceful leaders requires jealousy and envy to chill out and see that as a community you’re working with everyone’s strengths (and weaknesses) toward betterment of all. Work toward reaching the point the team can laugh about fears simply because once you discuss them you can often have them disappear.


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