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Video Editing Sample

I’ve been doing some graphics and video production through Android mobile platform via tablet & phone. There’s a suite of software from Cyberlink that has me pretty impressed. These are free, have both free and pay add-ons, and have a pro version as well. Their Easter sale at 70% off ended yesterday  😕 
PowerDirector does allow music tracks to be uploaded and used as backing audio over video. There are 3 audio channels – native with video, channel 1 & 2. That allows for backing audio to be crossfaded between tracks, or highlight audio to pop on top. You can control how much volume each channel gets in the result.
Sample Video
Apricot French Toast video made with PowerDirector, has a still image added from PhotoDirector with stickers, text, photo effects on it. The key image on this post is also from PhotoDirector.

I haven’t yet worked with the suite on my laptop but that’s likely to happen soon. Once you learn the interface from one package the others are fairly similar.