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“Pulling The Race Card”

Posted to "Dear White America" group on Facebook

Posted to “Dear White America” group on Facebook

Let’s get honest here – white privilege America has adopted a colloquial phrase that needs to STOP. “Pulling The Race Card” showed up as a manner of marking an action foul to the person judging it with the statement. It rests on exacerbated “racial difference”. It continues to propogate in part it is because what you resist will thrive simply because of awareness

I’ve even been told “that was very white of you”, as a reminder that I do carry white privilege. At first I rebuffed the statement, but giving it pause and reflection I’ve learned more deeply about white privilege. [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“that was very white of you”, as a reminder that I do carry white privilege[/pullquote]I’m thankful for being with elders that had courage enough to speak up and teach. Each day we should be able to learn something and appreciate life’s lessons.

One of the most apparent differences we have is the color of skin. Our genetic composition offers visual features that relate our ancestory. Beneath those features we are all human with muscles, bones, and organs that function in a very similar manner. Even our skin and hair is similar in structure.

Culture is something we gain from society, the environment into which we are born and adopt as our own. If aa newborn is raised in a different culture from which they originated, that newborn will grow up with a different culture than their parents. 

Race doesn’t show up unless society perpetuates it. We have created something called “race” in society today as a matter of saying there are physical differences between us. The phrase “pulling the race card” has been stretched to include cultural differences. Those with more power (or privilege) in society have greater access to create the structures it follows. As those whom have been racially challenged in their path to success gain recognition and position we’ll be seeing positive change in society accepting difference instead of dominating to repress it. 


  1. Stop using the collloquial phrase and let it be buried as history.
  2. Accept gentle reminders that privilege is being used in an undesirable manner.

NOTE: I realize this post is NOT burying the phrase in history. This post is bringing up awareness of something being resisted. However it is offering solutions. Perhaps it gets shared, or simply taken in as something you’ll personally work on (preferred).

Imagine being hit with the statement as a person oppressed by the fact they are categorized by race. It works in every direction to increase divide between people and cultures.

Photo credits: Facebook group “Dear White America”, and UnfairCampaign.org