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“Pulling The Race Card”

Posted to "Dear White America" group on Facebook

Posted to “Dear White America” group on Facebook

Let’s get honest here – white privilege America has adopted a colloquial phrase that needs to STOP. “Pulling The Race Card” showed up as a manner of marking an action foul to the person judging it with the statement. It rests on exacerbated “racial difference”. It continues to propogate in part it is because what you resist will thrive simply because of awareness

I’ve even been told “that was very white of you”, as a reminder that I do carry white privilege. At first I rebuffed the statement, but giving it pause and reflection I’ve learned more deeply about white privilege. [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“that was very white of you”, as a reminder that I do carry white privilege[/pullquote]I’m thankful for being with elders that had courage enough to speak up and teach. Each day we should be able to learn something and appreciate life’s lessons.

One of the most apparent differences we have is the color of skin. Our genetic composition offers visual features that relate our ancestory. Beneath those features we are all human with muscles, bones, and organs that function in a very similar manner. Even our skin and hair is similar in structure.

Culture is something we gain from society, the environment into which we are born and adopt as our own. If aa newborn is raised in a different culture from which they originated, that newborn will grow up with a different culture than their parents. 

Race doesn’t show up unless society perpetuates it. We have created something called “race” in society today as a matter of saying there are physical differences between us. The phrase “pulling the race card” has been stretched to include cultural differences. Those with more power (or privilege) in society have greater access to create the structures it follows. As those whom have been racially challenged in their path to success gain recognition and position we’ll be seeing positive change in society accepting difference instead of dominating to repress it. 


  1. Stop using the collloquial phrase and let it be buried as history.
  2. Accept gentle reminders that privilege is being used in an undesirable manner.

NOTE: I realize this post is NOT burying the phrase in history. This post is bringing up awareness of something being resisted. However it is offering solutions. Perhaps it gets shared, or simply taken in as something you’ll personally work on (preferred).

Imagine being hit with the statement as a person oppressed by the fact they are categorized by race. It works in every direction to increase divide between people and cultures.

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Societal Norms of FEAR and Separation

Male Un-Fair Campaign poster

Male Un-Fair Campaign poster

I have lived more than half my life in an embedded system that I learned little to nothing about having privilege as a white male. I never sought out privilege and there was no education regarding this topic. However white male privilege is present, I have been granted it without question. At some point, when your mind clears enough to hear and be aware, you then discover how the world encounters your existence.


Un-Fair campaign poster 3

Un-Fair campaign poster 1

Un-Fair campaign poster 1

Sometimes you’ll be declaring that you hear clearly in response to the affront from those stating you still haven’t heard. Slow down in the frustration, open up more listening, embrace with empathy where you might be missing connection. It is a bit like balance, you might have it one moment and slide off it the next. The next question is how to be responsible with that awareness, and not shy away from being in the conversation fully.

Can those whom are more oppressed accept assistance from those carrying privilege responsibly, or does that mearly seem like a cheap facade to those oppressed? We have to learn to accept where the oppressed find themselves and see those with some awareness of privilege. Leading and organizing to do something about racism from inside the ranks of privilege can be powerful. Leading can be easily dismissed as grand-standing on privilege especially when there is no visible acknowledgement of partnering with the oppressed. Checking in on acceptance with humility is important.

Contaminated By Fear

The following was post by ROCKET (!!!) MAN along with a new music track opener.

It’s time. Human beings must not continue to allow our spaces to be so contaminated by ‪#‎FEAR‬ that we dwell in the darkness of our differences. If we can plainly see that no one wants more of what is happening and people are willing to have the kinds of conversations in their environments that can induce or provoke positive change, why shun them? Embrace what you perceive as their ignorance.

The only way to achieve the needed change is to enhance perspective; that is what true revolution is about. The only way to do that is by finishing the conversation and understanding that even if we don’t agree with someone’s point of view, that does not make it invalid; that is how they currently see things. No one who feels disrespected or as if their opinion is being invalidated is interested in finishing the conversation.

You think somebody’s opinion is bullshit? Well, now you have a real life decision to make, don’t you, oh “aware” one? Are you a messenger of The Way or just a different shade of #FEAR?‪#‎WAGELOVE‬. ‪#‎ZOOM‬

Knowledge of Influences is Key to Liberation

Our minds bring so much confusion to our hearts. Far too often the tough work of being fully aware is denied. We surround ourselves with a supportive society that condones separation – claiming to be our support network. Many fear breaking free from this bonding relationship as it offers us some form of identification. It is dangerous in our minds to be both independent and interdependent.

WageLove, face FEAR without shame, but get to know fear well. You don’t get to know fear by standing inside it. There is a certain sense of knowing in that mode, however observing how it functions, thrives and is created are vital – especially as a peace maker!

The emphasis in peace making is to observe first, get to know the inluencing factors and how to assist a person caught to see those influences and the role of influence that bind better. When you are armed with knowledge, truth can liberate.

Nowhere, Now Here

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Image source: 31 Days of Clarity – Day #8 You are Now Here, by Cathie Ostapchuk

Image source: 31 Days of Clarity – Day #8 You are Now Here, by Cathie Ostapchuk

Between here and there,
I discover neither here or there.

It is nowhere?
More importantly it is “Now Here”.

The journey is not complete
Without knowing where you set your feet.

Awareness ever blooming
Consciousness ever zooming.

The ah-ha moment not lost
Shared experiences not tossed.

It is all interconnected
Society recognizing and disconnected.

— Stephen Boyle

Quotes Collection

I’ve been aware that I need to start compiling quotes that have inspired me as well as those I’ve been creating. You’ll find a new sidebar on the website sharing a random quote that I’ve entered into the collection. This is powered by the Quotes Collection plug-in. I’ve also created a Quotes page where this collection can be found. Not every quote will be a blog post as this one is.

GoodReads Quotes

There is an existing sidebar item pulling a random quote that I’ve liked over at Feel free to add my profile as a friend and lets share inspiration.

Re: The Spiritual Age of Hip Hop

Some will draw a line between Hip Hop and spoken word. For the sake of reading to your fullest enjoyment, please set aside this divide to enjoy this post fully. I was fortunate to be tagged by a Facebook friend on a share of this article on The Spiritual Age of Hip Hop in the Syracuse New Times. 

Hip Hop is extremely diverse, cultured, educated, emotional and is constantly evolving. The next evolution is taking us to a higher plane, one where more artists are expressing their spiritual views of life in their music. Welcome to #TheSpiritualAgeOfHipHop.

The article lists so many Detroit talents within whom we #WageLove in our communities locally and globally. The awareness to what we face at home seems to be overlooked by far too many. We need #FireSpit to clear the misconceptions that maligned mainstream media have clouded the truth from general consciousness.

Truly raising consciousness is what we must request of our talent. We can acknowledge the divide which society drones into our existence and overpopulizes through marketing and fiat currency value. But we must rise above with a higher message. Those from human compassion and dignity. Our society is no better than how we treat the least among us. Those people and situations which are the “least common denominator” are the claims we must own and raise up. Surround them with love and seek to perceive what can be when united in peace. Peace is far more than silence, it is moving and active, forging bonds of interconnectivity and trust.


Detroit State of Mind

Listen in on “Belle Isle Bountiful” conversation with 5ELA artists DJ LaJedi and Ambiance. These are the situations, thoughts, conversations and unity that bring higher consciousness in our music and lives.

Spoken Word and Cypher from The Raiz Up at #ISMG15

A link if the video embed doesn’t work. It’ll only be good for 30 days, then it’ll expire. 

Several of those who were on stage are what I consider the best talent Detroit has to offer. Bringing truth and revelations through their words to those who take the time to soak their soul in them.

ISMG15 is the International Social Movements Gathering, bringing people from Detroit, our region, nationally, and internationally together focused at this time on the Water and Housing situations we face in Detroit and in our society. We have to pay particular attention to the words of introduction for Governor Snyder on Wednesday at the Mackinac Policy Conference“the template that he is building in Michigan is being watched across the country and internationally”. Are the conditions we encounter of sacrificing the most poor by violating our human rights truly the template to push globally?